Tuesday, June 10, 2008


4. STATUS :TAMOSEREKI is a voluntary, non-governmental and not for profit sharing organisation whose members shall endeavour to achieve the vision and mission set herein under for the benefit and best interests of Tanzanians.
5. VISION :To have a free, economically independent and highly developed indigenous communities based on principles of socio-economics rights, creativity, capacity building and entrepreneurship.

(i) TAMOSEKI shall create a strong culture of entrepreneurship among indigenous communities in Tanzania. Supporting them with high capital, educating them their socio-economics rights, business mentoring, Building a free, self reliant and prosperous nation whose people control their economy and ensuring that Tanzanians exercise permanent sovereignty over their natural resources.

5.AIMS AND OBJECTIVES In furtherance of the above Mission, TAMOSEREKI shall endeavour to achieve the following aims and objectives:
· TAMOSEREKI seek to see a large number of indigenous communities in Tanzania understands and attain the knowledge of their socio-economic rights as provided by constitutions and related international instruments.
· Open up trading floor among indigenous and between them and medium enterprises to market their ideas and investment opportunities by transforming their informal sectors to formal sectors
· To achieve a sustainable development and developing economics within family business by realizing the role of both spouses in economic development and encourage female involvement in business and wealthy succession.
· To achieve a spiral network between indigenous entrepreneurs and big business enterprises and investors.
· To achieve a highly motivated society with the knowledge of getting credits and loans from banks for entrepreneurial activities without fear.
· To achieve the society highly knowledgeable on how they can use their natural resources ,like land to access loans from banks

1 We shall provide education to indigenous peoples on their socio-economics rights for instance the right to own land, property and natural resources for their economic development
2.In collaboration with UDEC we shall provide education to indigenous on capacity building creativity in business and develop entrepreneurship skills.
3 We shall conduct various research on indigenous life styles and their economics to reveal the main obstacles to sustainable development and entrepreneurship skills among indigenous.
4.To educate them on how to develop their capital by generating profit and invest in various economics sectors.
5.To assist them to develop agood relationships with banks for money storage and access loans from the banks.
6.To provide free interest loans to those entrepreneurship groups which lack capital for investment.
7.To enable the indigenous people use their potentials like cultural activities as the source of capital for business activities.
8.To develop a network and become joint link between big enterprise/investors (External and Internal and indigenous peoples for economic development.
9.we shall offer free consultancy to indigenous business oriented groups and how to prepare business plans.
10.To find for them good and accessible markets for their products and the way they can market their products.
11.Regarding that most of them Are living in or around areas reach of natural resources like national parks and mining centres. We shall use our best endeavour to educate them to benefit from tourism and natural resources around them. wait more......

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